Products & Hardware

Enhanced Safety Lever

We have taken the traditional AKM safety lever and “tactically” enhanced it for the modern AK user. The AK Master Mount™ version of the AK safety lever has an extended side tab, bolt-hold open feature, and is fully compatible with the AK Master Mount™ side rail mounting hardware.


Side Rail Mounting System

The AK Master Mount™ side rail is the only commercially available product that delivers a reliable side rail attachment point without permanent modification to the AK’s receiver. Our side rail quickly attaches to milled or stamped AK receiver’s existing hammer and trigger axis pin holes with our proprietary mounting pins. NO drilling, NO taping, NO riveting, and NO gunsmithing required!


Optic Mounts

The optic mounts accommodate optics with either a picatinny base or an ACOG base. The Dual Axis Locking feature maintains optic zero by preventing any movement on the AK’s side rail during sustained shooting. It is true quick release, and it easily adjusts to different width AK side rails.


AK Master Mount™ Side Rail Replacement Hardware

Original hardware for the Ak Master Mount™ available as either the full set or short retaining screws only.