AK Master Mount™ Enhanced Safety Lever


We have taken the traditional AKM safety lever and “tactically” enhanced it for the modern AK user. The AK Master Mount version of the AK safety lever has an extended side tab, bolt-hold open feature, and is fully compatible with the AK Master Mountside rail mounting hardware.

ITAR approved for international sales, but you must email us as international sales are not done through our on-line shopping cart.


5-Minute Installation

All of our components can be installed in 5 minutes or less. No gunsmithing required.

Easy On / Easy Off

If our AK-47 accessories are uninstalled, your weapon is back to factory conditions.

Built to Last

Made of 100% steel. Our materials as rugged as the AK itself.

We Improved Decades-Old Design

We are often asked by new AK users what their rifles first upgrade should be. The obvious answer is changing to an enhanced safety lever. The traditional AK safety lever design has not improved since its introduction in the late 1940s. It was created to be functional, but not user friendly. It has a very small side tab located at the very distal end, which provides minimal surface area for finger engagement when attempting to rotate the safety lever up and down. We created the AK Master Mount Enhanced Safety Lever to overcome the shortcomings of a traditional AK safety lever.

A Better Safety Lever

Our enhanced safety lever has a large side finger tab to provide enough surface area for the shooter’s finger. This side tab is textured to provide a more reliable finger purchase, especially in wet conditions or if shooting gloves are being worn. This side tab is heavy duty and rugged, like the AK itself. It is made from heavy gauge steel, thicker than other brands on the market. This thickness also protects against finger cuts, unlike the thinner side tabs other manufactures offer. The side tab is flat to allow for easy manipulation of the safety lever not only down, but back up again.

Compatible With Underfolder & Wire Folding Stocks

Our extended side tab is optimal located on the side of the safety lever. It is located high enough that it will work on AKs with underfolder stocks WITHOUT having to notch or modify the stock’s folding arm, but yet not mounted at the top of the lever edge where it can be out of reach of the trigger finger. This side tab location also allows this enhanced safety lever to be used on AKs with a wire folding stock.


Won't Interfere With Magazine Exchanges

Our enhanced safety lever has a shortened and rounded distal end unlike the traditional safety lever. This prevents the end of the lever from hanging below the bottom edge of the AK receiver where it could interfere with magazine exchanges. We also made a rounded cut-out in the bottom edge of our enhanced safety lever to make it fully compatible with our side rail’s mounting hardware. It is made of steel and has the same corrosion resistant Black-T coating as our side rail.

Perfectly Sized

Our enhanced safety lever measures 4 1/8” long and the detent protrusion is located 3 ¾” from the beginning of the lever. Note these measurements to ensure the safety lever’s detent matches up with the safety stop notches cut into the right side of your receiver.

Bolt-Hold-Open Model

Because some gun ranges require the gun’s bolt to be in the open position, we make a version with a bolt-hold-open (BHO) notch cut-out. For those AK owners who do not want this feature, we also make a version without the bolt-hold-open notch.

"The AK Master Mount was a very affordable way to mount optics on my SLR-106F.  The installation is straightforward, and with a little bit of Loctite, it hasn't budged in the thousands of rounds I've put through the rifle.  The safety switch is very helpful when running fast reaction drills as well."



"This thing oozes craftsmanship and I couldn't be happier with it...they definitely have a new fanboy with me."


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The AK Master Mount Enhanced Safety Lever chosen for the "Project JSOK (Joint Special Operations Kalashnikov)" build - Issue #44 Recoil Magazine


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