AK Master Mount™ Enhanced Safety Lever


We have taken the traditional AKM safety lever and “tactically” enhanced it for the modern AK user. The AK Master Mount version of the AK safety lever has an extended side tab, bolt-hold open feature, and is fully compatible with the AK Master Mountside rail mounting hardware.

ITAR approved for international sales, but you must email us as international sales are not done through our on-line shopping cart.


5-Minute Installation

All of our components can be installed in 5 minutes or less. No gunsmithing required.

Easy On / Easy Off

If our AK-47 accessories are uninstalled, your weapon is back to factory conditions.

Built to Last

Made of 100% steel. Our materials as rugged as the AK itself.

Accessory Side Picatinny Rail Section

This is a side picatinny rail section that can be added to the side struts of our optic mounts to add an additional attachment point for mounting accessories.  This short picatinny rail section is specifically designed for the AK Master Mount optic mounts and attaches by our proprietary clamping system.  This unique clamping system provides reliable attachment, but can later be removed if desired with no permanent alteration to the optic mount itself.  Its clamping apparatus is hidden behind the side struts of the optic mount to maintain the sleek aesthetics of our optic mount design.


Attaches to the rear two struts on the rear-biased version optic mount.

Added Versatilitty

On the full length optic mount version, the accessory side rail can attach to the front two struts or to the rear two struts.


Built to Last

Constructed of 6061 aluminum to be tough, but yet lightweight.  Finished with black type III hardcoat anodizing for added strength.  This picatinny rail section measures 2 2/16" inches long x 13/16" wide and weighs 0.5 ounces.