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We’re dedicated to improving the AK’s functionality and shooting  experience.

Side Rail Mounting System


These were the requirements for a side rail to mount optics on an AK rifle without permanently altering it from factory condition. No such commercial product existed, so we made one.

Enhanced Safety Lever

An enhanced safety lever is the first and easiest upgrade an AK owner can make. Our “tactically” enhanced safety lever is made for the modern AK user.

Like out optic mounts, our safety lever is made tougher than the others.  Our enhanced safety lever is 16 gauge steel (1.5 mm thick), thicker than any other safety lever on the market.  It’s internal paddle part is milled from solid steel, not casted like most of the safety levers on the market.

It has a large flat textured heavy gauge steel side tab which is ergonomically placed and allows for quick and dependable use.  The distal end is rounded and shortened to not hang below the lower edge of the receiver, thus snag free.

Has a “bolt-hold-open” notch, which is required at many firing ranges. 


Optic Mounts

Like our other products, the AK Master Mount™ optic mounts were built because the marketplace did not offer a product that met our expected specifications for serious AK users.

The requirements were an AK optic mount that was heavy-duty, compact, one piece, low profile, low axis over bore, a true quick release mechanism, and absolutely would not move on the side rail during heavy shooting sessions. Such an AK optic mount did not exist, so we built one.

Accessory Side Rail

This is an accessory picatinny rail section that can be installed on our optic mount’s side struts.

This provides for an additional attachment point for an accessory such as a flashlight, aiming laser / IR light source, or micro dot.

This short picatinny rail section is specifically designed for the AK Master Mount optic mounts and attaches by our proprietary clamping system.


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Type 81 Side Rail

For the Canadian market, this “NO-MOD” steel optic mounting side rail is the perfect accessory for the Type 81 styled receiver without a factory side rail for mounting optics.  It attaches to the AK receiver’s hammer and trigger axis pin holes by the use of threaded axis pins.  No drilling, tapping, riveting, or gunsmithing needed.

 This steel side rail is low profile, rock-solid, and parallel to the barrel.  The side rail dimensionally is the standard AK pattern, which allows for the use of many commercially available AK optic mounts.  Since no permanent receiver modifications are made, this retrofitted side rail can later be removed if desired to return the AK receiver to factory conditions.